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Whale Daughter Designs

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Whale Daughter Designs: Unique Hand Crafted Jewle
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This community is a showcase for the unique hand crafet jewlery of Whale Daughter Designs. Questions about availability of individual pieces can be left in comments or emailed to the moderater. Posters are severly limited to actual Whale Daughter designers. Each piece showcased has been hand crafted and is a unique design. I hope you enjoy what you see here.

Prices are listed for each piece. When a particular style is no longer available the post will be removed. Often I have at least one of each style completed and ready for sale, but popular items may be made to order. Orders placed Sunday - Wednesday will be shipped by Saturday of that week. Orders placed Thursday - Saturday will be sent out on the next shipping Saturday. Shipping costs are not included in the price, but are individually calculated for each order. Orders are mailed first class USPS. If you are intereseted you can leave comment on the post for the piece you want. Currently Whale Daughter Designs is only set up to accept personal checks and money orders. Arrangements will be made to exchange shipping and payment addresses on an individual basis.